2020 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report


The 2020 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report is your exclusive look at statistics on the self-serve kiosk industry’s size, operating metrics and outlook from both users and suppliers.

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The year 2020 was a banner year for the interactive kiosk industry, driven by consumer acceptance of self-service technology and the efficiencies this technology brings to commerce. In the 3rd edition of the Kiosk Marketplace Census Report, readers were asked to provide information about their number of installations, plans for future deployments, revenue, business mix, investment in research and development, operating costs, kiosk content strategy, return on investment, sales methodology, outlook on technology, level of optimism and perceived challenges.

Why we created this report

Kiosk Marketplace organized the census in response to requests from readers seeking reliable data on the size and growth of the self-serve kiosk industry. The Kiosk Marketplace Census holds the distinction of offering statistical information provided by both users and suppliers of self-serve kiosks. Where other kiosk market studies are based mostly on supplier provided information, the majority of the information in the Kiosk Marketplace Census is user provided.

What you will learn

  • Results of our exclusive survey answered by over 150 retailers, hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, value added re-sellers and component manufacturers.
  • The four significant growth factors impacting the kiosk industry
  • Exclusive insights from top industry experts as listed below

Table of Contents

Page 3 | Executive Summary

Page 14 | Survey results
Page 14 | Retailers, locations and consumer brands that have kiosks
Page 23 | Kiosk hardware manufacturers
Page 27 | Kiosk software manufacturers
Page 31 | Kiosk value added resellers
Page 35 | Kiosk component manufacturers

Page 38 | Industry Insights
Page 38 | Kiosk market 2020: an ocean of opportunities | by Marcos Fugulin, business development director of Apek International
Page 40 | Out of home: A critical complement to digital marketing |by Mark Boidman, New York investment banker and Ethan Volk, analyst at P.J. Solomon
Page 43 | Artificial intelligence leads a wave of change in the self-service kiosk industry | by Jeff LeBlanc, director of user experience at Advanced Kiosks
Page 46 | Smart security solutions for IoT-connected kiosks | by Chris Randle, vice president of sales at ELATEC, responsible for multiple vertical markets including kiosks
Page 50 | 5 ways kiosks will change the restaurant industry in 2020 | by Hope Neiman, chief marketing officer at Tillster
Page 52 | Cash acceptance and self-service kiosks in QSR and fast casual environments | by David Anzia, senior vice president of sales at Frank Mayer and Associates, Inc.
Page 54 | The case for self-order kiosks in cannabis dispensaries | by Juan Perez, CEO of ADUSA Inc.
Page 57 | EV charging kiosks as an advertising tool | by Melissa Harward, marketing coordinator for Meridian
Page 60 | The state of kiosk accessibility in 2020 | by Laura Boniello Miller, corporate business development manager at Vispero

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