Digital Menu Boards and ROI: Finding the break-even point for digital signage in foodservice


How quickly can restaurants achieve a return on investment with digital menu boards? The answer is in this report. 22 pages of in-depth research, with real-world numbers from successful deployments at McDonald’s, Burger King and other operators.


If you’re looking to understand the business case for digital signage in restaurants, look no further. In “Digital Menu Boards and ROI,” the staff of Digital Signage Today digs deep into real-world deployments to find out how quickly restaurants can expect to recoup their investment – and benefit from both hard and soft profits going forward.

Topics covered in this exclusive report include:

  • Sales uplift versus margin per transaction
  • Branding, market share, operational improvement and other “soft ROIs”
  • Real-world costs saved by migrating away from print signage
  • The impact of nutritional labeling laws
  • Digital signage as a tool to move high-margin product
  • Best practices for digital menu board content

What is the “magic number” – the percentage of influence digital signage has on restaurant sales? What is the break-even point for digital menu boards? Find out in this report.