2021 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report


The 2021 Kiosk Marketplace Census Report is your exclusive look at statistics on the self-serve kiosk industry’s size, operating metrics and outlook from both users and suppliers.

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The year 2020 will go down in history as the year the COVID-19 pandemic wreaked havoc on the world’s health and economies. The self-service kiosk industry, however, will remember it more as a year of innovation – a year when self-service technology providers introduced a deluge of tools to enable users to interact with devices more safely.

Much of the new technology – such as touchless transaction and biometric identity verification – had already been introduced but found more relevance during COVID-19-imposed quarantines. From the moment business lockdowns began in March 2020, self-service equipment providers began addressing the demand for products to help protect people from the highly contagious disease.

Innovation flourished, as demonstrated by the continuous march of product announcements in Kiosk Marketplace but not without growing pains.

Why we created this report

Kiosk Marketplace organized the census in response to requests from readers seeking reliable data on the size and growth of the self-serve kiosk industry. The Kiosk Marketplace Census holds the distinction of offering statistical information provided by both users and suppliers of self-serve kiosks. Where other kiosk market studies are based mostly on supplier provided information, the majority of the information in the Kiosk Marketplace Census is user provided.

What you will learn

  • Results of our exclusive survey answered by over 170 retailers, hardware manufacturers, software manufacturers, value added re-sellers and component manufacturers.
  • The impact COVID-19 had on the industry, both in challenges and innovation.
  • Exclusive insights from top industry experts, as listed below

Table of Contents

Page 3 | Executive Summary

Page 20 | Survey results

  • Page 23 | Retailers, locations and consumer brands that have kiosks
  • Page 28 | Kiosk hardware manufacturers
  • Page 32 | Kiosk software manufacturers
  • Page 35 | Kiosk value added resellers
  • Page 39 | Kiosk component manufacturers

Page 43 | Industry Insights

  • Page 43 | How new protocols supported by technology will keep us safe | By Camille Olivere, senior vice president of sales, DeCurtis Corp.
  • Page 46 | Losing touch: Contactless self-service in the pandemic era and beyond | By Chris Randle, vice president of industry solutions, Elactec
  • Page 50 | COVID-19 unleashes a wealth of touchless technology choices: pros and cons to consider | By Ben Wheeler, industry executive known as The KioskGuy
  • Page 54 | Pivoting during crisis: kiosks and the omnichannel experience | By Hope Neiman, chief marketing officer, Tillster
  • Page 57 | How COVID-19 set the stage for smart locker expansion | By Melissa Harward, marketing coordinator, Meridian
  • Page 59 | SoftBank’s new headquarters offers ‘smart cities’ model using IoT technologies, ‘power edge’ computing | By David Sprinzen, director of marketing, Vantiq
  • Page 62 | How COVID-19 set the stage for OOH advertising expansion | By Mark Boidman, author and investment banker, P.J. Solomon and Jami Goodman, analyst, P.J. Solomon
  • Page 65 | 2020 focus on contactless kiosks left accessibility behind | By Laura Boniello Miller, corporate business development manager, Vispero
  • Page 68 | Automated self-storage kiosks offer 24/7 customer support | By Jeff LeBlanc, director of user experience, Advanced Kiosks
  • Page 71 | How COVID-19 jumpstarted automated parking | By Kevin Uhlenhaker, managing director, SLS Insights
  • Page 74 | COVID-19 puts new stress on component supply chains: How to evaluate suppliers | By Nicholas O’Connor, sales executive, Nidec Sankyo America Corp.

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